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Thursday, July 30, 2009

NIPS 2009 Call For Mini-Symposia


Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) -- Natural and Synthetic
NIPS*2009 Mini-symposia
December 10, 2009
Hyatt Regency Hotel, Vancouver, BC, CANADA


Following the regular program of the Neural Information Processing Systems
2009 conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada, up to four mini-symposia will be
held in parallel during the afternoon of December 10, 2009, in the Hyatt
Regency, Vancouver, BC, Canada. We invite researchers interested in
chairing a mini-symposium to submit proposals.

The goal of the mini-symposia is to present topical material on a single
theme, well suited to the main conference audience. Controversial issues,
emerging topics, open problems, and comparisons of competing approaches
are not only encouraged but preferred as symposium topics. Representation
of alternative viewpoints are also particularly encouraged. Possible
topics for symposia include, but are not limited to:

Active Learning, Attention, Audition, Bayesian Networks, Bayesian
Statistics, Benchmarking, Biophysics, Brain-Machine Interfaces, Brain
Imaging, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics,
Computational Complexity, Control and Reinforcement Learning, Data Mining,
Game Theory, Graphical Models, Hippocampus and Memory, Human-Computer
Interfaces, Independent Component Analysis, Information Theory, Kernel
Methods, Large Scale Implementations and Software, Learning Theory,
Mean-Field Methods, Mechanism Design, Music, Network Dynamics, Neural
Coding, Neural Plasticity, Neuromorphic Systems, Nonparametric Models,
On-Line Learning, Optimization, Randomized Algorithms, Robotics, Rule
Extraction, Self-Organization, Signal Processing, Spike Timing, Speech,
Statistical Inference, Unsupervised Learning and Information Extraction,
Time Series, Vision and Scene Understanding.

Each of the four mini-symposia will run for three hours in the afternoon
of December 10 after the end of the main conference. Organizers may
consider proposing a mini-symposium in conjunction with a one- or two-day
workshop proposed to be held subsequently in Whistler. In such a case
proposers should take into account the more polished nature of the
symposium, and, as the attendees might differ, should ensure that each
stands alone programmatically.

Detailed descriptions of previous symposia and workshops can be found at
http://nips.cc/Conferences/2008/. We encourage neuroscience-related
proposals, and are especially interested in those bridging areas of
neuroscience and machine learning. Selected mini-symposia may be invited
to submit proceedings for publication in the post-NIPS workshops
monographs series published by the MIT Press.

More details and instructions for submission of proposals may be found
online at http://nips.cc/Conferences/2009/CallForMiniSymposia. Proposals
must be received by August 28, 2009.

Richard Zemel (University of Toronto)
Dale Schuurmans (University of Alberta)
Yoshua Bengio (University of Montreal)
NIPS*2009 Symposia Co-Chairs

URL: http://nips.cc/Conferences/2009/CallForMiniSymposia

Contact Person: Richard Zemel (nips.workshop@gmail.com)