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Friday, August 21, 2009

News and Important Information from Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology!

Keystone Symposia offers scholarship and travel awards to student and postdoc conference attendees. Historically, Keystone Symposia has awarded an average of one-third of all scholarship applicants. Scholarship and abstract submission deadlines are typically four months prior to the start date of a meeting. With many deadlines fast approaching, take a look at our 2009-2010 conference schedule and obtain information on specific meeting deadlines: www.keystonesymposia.org/2010meetings . In addition to scholarships, student registration rates are also discounted by up to 35% (verification of student status must be provided at the time of registration). Please visit www.keystonesymposia.org/Minority for more information on scholarships and how to apply.

Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology is an educational nonprofit organization that convenes open, international meetings in the biomedical and life sciences. Based on a rigorous peer review process and held in stimulating venues, the conferences provide valuable opportunities for scientists to share their ideas and results with their peers across different disciplines, forge new research collaborations, receive mentoring and support, and ultimately accelerate the pace of their research efforts.

Keystone Symposia has a vision for enhancing the participation of traditional U.S. visible ethnic minority scientists attending its conferences, as well as in the broader life sciences field. It is our belief that a more diverse research community will contribute to a broader, more dynamic perspective at the level of laboratory research where critical judgments are made. Often bringing together converging fields, resulting in stimulating interactions, the conferences are offered in multiple disciplines including:

• Biochemistry
• Cancer
• Cell Biology
• Genetics/Genomics
• Immunology
• Infectious Diseases

There are also many career-enhancing opportunities for attendees including the chance to:

• network with world-class scientists
• participate in scientific inquiry
• obtain mentoring regarding career decision-making and career path progression
• learn effective networking techniques
• learn how to utilize networks in the planning, development and attainment of your career goals

Since speakers for short talks are selected on the basis of abstract submission, you have an excellent opportunity to gain exposure for your work via our abstract book, at a poster session and possibly through a short talk.

Achieving success and accomplishing your career goals in the life sciences requires action to see the results. Take action; visit our website to find deadline information and apply for scholarships.
URL: http://www.keystonesymposia.org

Contact Person: Dana Wood (danaw@keystonesymposia.org)