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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bioinformatics Summer School in Erice (Italy)

High-throughput technologies in the life-sciences, from sequencing to microarrays, continue to produce exponentially increasing amounts of data and drive the needs and inspiration for new methods in the computational sciences to efficiently manage and mine these data and provide a better understanding of life from the molecular to the population level.

Bioinformatics, computational and systems biology, and the new -omics sciences, from genomics to metabolomics, all attempt to address these needs and better understand carbon-based computing systems, using silicon-based computing systems, with slightly different perspectives and emphases. Their success is intimately related to progress in mathematics and computer science, in particular in the areas of artificial intelligence, statistical machine learning, and optimization, in order to deal with very complex, high-dimensional, and noisy data.

The aim of the School is to introduce and expose the students to some of the contemporary problems and state-of-the-art solutions at the intersection of the life- and computational- sciences. For this purpose, the School is organized into four themes, at approximately four increasing spatial scales: Chemoinformatics, Proteomics, Genomics, and Systems Biology. Each theme will comprise lectures and invited talks, as well ample time for discussion, over a period of one and a half day. Additional minicourses to cover computational methods in machine learning and optimization will be given in the afternoons.

• Registrations Opens: September 15, 2009
• Registrations Closes: April 30, 2010
• Notification of acceptance: May 31, 2010

Erice is among the oldest cities of Sicily. The town sits on top of the homonymous mount Eryx, 750 m above sea level. It was the religious center of the ancient Elimi tribes, and is famous for its temple where the Phoenicians worshipped Astarte, the equivalent of Aphrodite or Venus for the ancient Greeks or Romans. Throughout its long contentious history, Erice has fallen to the hands of different tribes and empires, each leaving its own palpable mark on the city. Today, Erice is an enchanting wonderfully-preserved medieval town with the most breathtaking views of Sicily.

Pierre Baldi (USA)
Søren Brunak (Denmark)
Raffaele Cerulli (Italy)
Roberto Tagliaferri (Italy)

Pierre Baldi (USA)
Søren Brunak (Denmark)
Paolo Frasconi (Italy)
Panos Pardalos (USA)
Gianluca Pollastri (Ireland)
Gunnar Raetsch (Germany)
Burkhard Rost (Germany)
Michal Rozen Zvi (Israel)
Jean-Philippe Vert (France)

Additional Invited Speakers
Elia Biganzoli (Italy)
Piero Fariselli (Italy)
Alfredo Ferro (Italy)
Salvatore Gaglio (Italy)
Irene Kouskoumvekaki (Denmark)

Local Organizing Committee
Monica Gentili (Italy)

URL: http://www.graphalgorithms.it/Erice2010

Contact Person: Pierre Baldi (pfbaldi@ics.uci.edu)