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Monday, August 2, 2010

Burroughs Wellcome Fund Career Awards at the Scientific Interface

Career Awards at the Scientific Interface Advancing the careers of physical, chemical or computational science researchers and engineers whose work addresses biological questions.

Preproposal Deadline: September 1, 2010

BWF's Career Awards at the Scientific Interface provide $500,000 to bridge advanced postdoctoral training and the first three years of faculty service. These awards are intended to foster the early career development of researchers with backgrounds in the physical/mathematical/computational sciences and engineers whose work addresses biological questions.

These awards are open to U.S. and Canadian citizens or permanent residents as well as to U.S. temporary residents.

In previous years, candidates for this award had to be nominated by a North American degree-granting institution. This year, eligible candidates for this award may self-nominate by submitting a preproposal by September 1, 2010.

Preproposals will be reviewed by the Interfaces in Science Advisory Committee and selected candidates will be invited to submit a full application. Full invited applications must be submitted by January 12, 2011.

For full grant details, see www.bwfund.org
URL: http://www.bwfund.org/

Contact Person: Russ Campbell (rcampbell@bwfund.org)