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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bioinformatics Books Collection

Bioinformatics students, researchers and professionals may be interested in an online collection of scientific books that includes a growing number of titles related to the bioinformatics field.

The books are published by InTech, Open Access publisher of books and journals in science, technology and medicine, and are available on the reading platform www.intechopen.com. The full texts are absolutely free to read online, download in PDF format and share. No registration is required on the site.

The whole collection includes more than 270 books, and 30 new titles are due to come online by Christmas 2010. Books which may be of interest to the bioinformatics community include:

- Data Mining in Medical and Biological Research;
- Bioinspiration;
- Intelligent and Biosensors;
- Finite Element Analysis;
- Stochastic Control, and new on 8 Debember 2010:
- Data Acquisition.

You are most welcome to visit, bookmark and spread the word to your friends and colleagues who you feel may also enjoy the publications.

InTech – Open Access Publishers in Science, Technology and Medicine
Reading platform: www.intechopen.com
Corporate site: www.intechweb.org
URL: http://www.intechweb.org

Contact Person: Nataly Anderson (anderson@intechweb.org)


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