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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bioinformatics writing contest on en.bioinformatyk.eu

We are happy to announce a writing contest for beginner-friendly articles on bioinformatics. The web magazine http://en.bioinformatyk.eu collects articles for bioinformatics students that are easy to understand. You are welcome to participate by contributing a short article about a topic of your choice, e.g.:

* Fancy algorithms & bioinformatics tools you have used.
* Amazing discoveries you read about.
* Present your lab and what it has achieved.
* How you survived your BSc, MSc, or PhD thesis.
* Books, events, science news.

You don't need to describe original research (we'd even suggest you save this up for your first paper). What matters more important is to explain bioinformatics in a clear or entertaining way.

To submit an article, prepare a MS Word, OpenOffice or PDF document with your text in English (200-1000 words). Prepare eventual figures as separate files (.jpg or .png). Finally send everything by email to contest[at]bioinformatyk.eu - We will take care of the rest.

The submission deadline for the contest is September 18th, 2011.

Remember that you need to have copyright of everything you are submitting. Also, if your article contains results from your research, please make sure that your supervisor agrees with that.

The best articles will be awarded by an international board of referees:

* 1st prize: 150,- USD
* 2nd prize: 50,- USD
* Reader's prize: 50,- USD
* Book prize sponsored by the Dean of the Biological Faculty, UAM Poznan: ~300 USD

You can find the detailed regulations of the contest on:

The Organizers,
Justyna Wojtczak (Chief Editor)
Teresa SzczepiƄska (ISCB-SC Vice Chair)
Kristian Rother (Faculty Advisor)

URL: http://en.bioinformatyk.eu

Contact Person: Kristian Rother (krother@genesilico.pl)