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Friday, August 2, 2013

Update your bioinformatics paper as often as you update your software, with F1000Research

F1000Research is an online life science journal, which enables articles to be updated post-publication, through the use of versioned papers. The journal is waiving all charges for bioinformatics software papers submitted before 31st December 2013. This is great news for both developers and users of bioinformatics tools; as incremental improvements and updates to software are released, these can be documented through a set of F1000Research-threaded papers.

F1000Research is novel in many of its approaches to science publishing. Once an article has passed editorial checks, publication is very fast, typically under 7 days following final submission. Articles undergo formal transparent peer-review, post-publication, with all reviews and any resultant discussion being documented as part of the article. The journal also requires all papers to include the underlying data, and all good science is accepted, regardless of perceived impact at time of publication.

The threaded papers approach enables developers to minimize the time spent on the important (but time consuming) job of disseminating documentation, whilst also demonstrating to funding bodies a commitment to ongoing engagement with users. Furthermore, it shows users that a tool is being actively maintained and improved.

To encourage bioinformatics tool developers to try this new way of publishing, F1000Research are waiving all article processing charges for such life science software papers submitted before the end of 2013. The fee waiver includes subsequent updates; just put the code SOFT13 in Section 6 of the simple one-page submission form. If you are using LaTeX to write papers, there is also a one-click submission option from the F1000Research LaTeX template, hosted by the online collaborative LaTeX editor writeLaTeX.

So how about providing an F1000Research threaded publication for your bioinformatics tool, allowing you to update the paper as you improve your software?

More information about F1000Research can be found at http://f1000research.com/
More information about threaded software papers can be found at http://blog.f1000research.com/2013/07/22/document-your-software-updates-with-f1000research/
The writeLaTeX F1000Research template can be found at https://www.writelatex.com/templates/41-f1000research-journal-article-template

URL: http://f1000research.com/

Contact Person: Michael Markie (michael.markie@f1000.com)


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