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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DREAM and Sage Bionetworks: Call for Challenge Participation


Dear Colleague,

The DREAM8.5 Challenges are now open:

1.The Alzheimer's Disease (AD) Big Data DREAM Challenge #1: Predict the best biomarkers for early AD-related cognitive decline, and the mismatch between high amyloid levels and cognitive decline. Open for registration.

2.The ICGC-TCGA DREAM Somatic Mutation Calling Challenge: Predict cancer-associated mutations from whole-genome sequencing data. Open for participation.

3.The Rheumatoid Arthritis Responder Challenge: Predict which patients will not respond to anti-TNF therapy. Open for registration.

Our DREAM8.5 Challenges, opening here at the tail end of DREAM8, respond to the shared mission that both DREAM and Sage Bionetworks have of using Challenges to accelerate the solutions to problems that matter to patients. The DREAM8.5 Challenges tackle important questions related to cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and Alzheimer's Disease. The traditional DREAM schedule of three-month long Challenges opening in the spring and completing in the fall seems insufficient to process the massive amount of data being generated in different disease areas that can be used in translational research. Help us journey forward as we strive to maintain DREAM's high level of excellence in systems biology while also welcoming new DREAMers to help us innovate and extend the wisdom of the crowds into new arenas of human health.

The 8.5 "Challenge season" has started and will wrap up in early Summer, 2014. Best performers from the 8.5 Challenges will be invited to co-author a Challenge-specific paper for submission to a scientific journal and to present their winning Challenge model at the 2014 DREAM conference (date and location to be determined).

To register for a Challenge, read details and get started, please go to https://www.synapse.org/#!Challenges:DREAM8.5


Gustavo Stolovitzky and Stephen Friend (co-chairs)
On Behalf of the DREAM8.5 Challenge Organizers

URL: https://www.synapse.org/#!Challenges:DREAM8.5

Contact Person: Gustavo Stolovitzky and Stephen Friend (dream8.5challenges@sagebase.org)