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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bioinformatics Round Table Vienna meets ÖGMBT

Monday, September 15, 2014 at 09:50 a.m.
Vienna, Austria

The ÖGMBT, Austrian Society of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology integrates molecular biology, biotechnology, and related disciplines starting from fundamental research towards applied science. Members of the ÖGMBT come from academic as well as industry organisations.

Connecting researcher and students, bridging gaps and enabling participants to share experiences and best practice is also today our goal, in the 'Special Edition' Bioinformatics Round Table Discussion meets ÖGMBT.

Keynote speaker: Amos Bairoch, University of Geneva, "New and Recurring Challenges in Biocuration"

Bioinformatics experts: Amos Bairoch, Bernhard Knapp, Christian Siehs, Christoph Bock, Andreas Kremer, Paul Perco, Andreas Heinzel, Klemens Vierlinger, and more ...

During our special session you will be able to meet and talk to biologists and bioinformatics experts which will provide an mutual exchange of views, understanding and scientific challenges. Among others we will be covering topics like sequencing and analysis, structural bioinformatics, computational systems biology, networks and functional analysis, biological knowledge discovery and data management.

Program of the 6th ÖGMBT Annual Meeting: http://xn--gmbt-4qa.at/jahrestagung/programm
Registration: http://xn--gmbt-4qa.at/jahrestagung/online-registration

URL: http://www.biosoftware.at/
Contact Person: T. H. Thuan Christine Huynh Buu  (thuan.huynhbuu@gmail.com)