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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tenth Annual Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference : GLBIO 2015

Tenth Annual Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference : GLBIO 2015

An official conference of the International Society for Computational Biology. Organized by the Great Lakes Bioinformatics Consortium. Co-hosted by Purdue University and the International Society for Computational Biology

The Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference:
~ Provides an interdisciplinary forum for the discussion of research findings and methods.
~ Fosters long-term collaborative relationships and networking opportunities within the domain of computational approaches to biology.

GLBIO has established a strong reputation for building relationships among a nationally prominent bioscience research community, showcasing the North American Great Lakes region as a perfect place to conduct computer-aided research.

Every year, GLBIO organizers prepare a full agenda on the latest developments in bioinformatics and biologically relevant applications. From novice to expert, attendees partake in a variety of workshops, tutorials, presentations, posters, networking, and exhibits during the conference. 2015 program outline:

Monday, May 18: Afternoon tutorials and opening keynote

Tuesday, May 19 and Wednesday, May 20 : All day education including keynote speeches by

Bioinformatics community leaders, cutting edge research through poster sessions and tutorials on a variety of hot topics.
GLBIO 2014 was 2.5 days and consisted of the following presentations:
7 keynotes 7 tutorials
12 highlights talks 9 research talks 13 flash talks
102 poster presentations, presented in two sessions
1 educational panel 1 career symposium 1 sponsored tech talk

The most popular topics included scientific talks on the following topics:
• Applying bioinformatics approaches to further develop medical treatments for cancer Ecological bioinformatics
• Gene expression studies
• Genomic analysis and discovery and pathway analysis
• Machine learning
• Protein structures

Check out the latest schedules and updates at www.iscb.org/glbio2015

URL: http://www.iscb.org/glbio2015

Contact Person: Cori Dossett (glbio@conferencesdesigned.com)