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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

CFP: Workshop on Evolutionary Computation in Computational Structural Biology at ACM GECCO 2015

The focus of this workshop is the use of nature-inspired approaches to central problems in computational structural biology, including optimization methods under the umbrella of evolutionary computation. A particular emphasis will be on progress in the application of evolutionary computation to problems related to any aspects of protein structure modeling, characterization, and analysis.

The workshop will allow for a broader focus on all structure-related problems that necessitate the design of novel evolutionary computation approaches. These may include broader structure modeling settings beyond de novo structure prediction, such as mapping of protein and peptide energy landscapes, structure analysis, design, docking, and other emerging problems in computational structural biology.

We invite submissions on presentations of the
following topics:

Use of artificial life models like cellular automata or Lindenmayer systems in the modeling of biological problems.

Study and analysis of properties of biological systems like self-organization, emergent behavior or morphogenesis.

Multi-objective approaches in the modeling of computational biology problems.

Use of natural and evolutionary computation algorithms in protein structure classification and prediction (secondary and tertiary).

Mapping of protein and peptide energy landscapes.

Modeling of temporal folding of proteins.

Protein design

Protein-ligand and protein-protein docking.

For more information, visit: http://eccsb2015.irlab.org/
URL: http://eccsb2015.irlab.org/

Contact Person: Amarda Shehu (amarda@gmu.edu)