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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Registration now open for the joint GIW/ABACBS 2019 Annual Conference

The registration for the joint GIW/ABACBS (The International Conference on Genome informatics/Australian Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Society) to be held in Sydney, 9-11 December 2019 is now open. Join us for an exciting programme of international and national speakers from Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

This year the two conferences will join forces to bring together members from all over Australia, Asia Pacific region and the world to enjoy the opportunity to interact and hear fantastic stories about genomics, bioinformatics and computational biology research with an emphasis on how advances in comptuational and statistical techniques are applied to solve important biological and biomedical problems.

The joint conference will feature international and national keynote speakers, oral presentations selected from full-length paper submissions and abstract, and posters selected from abstract.

Key Themes:
* Genomics and integrative analytics
* Precision medicine
* Single cell analytics
* Non-human and microbial genomics
* Proteomics and metabolomics
* Methods development and reproducibility research

For more information and important dates please visit:


URL: https://www.abacbs.org/conference2019/about

Contact Person: Sebastian Kurscheid (sebastian.kurscheid@anu.edu.au)


  1. I would be glad to join such an exciting programme of international and national speakers. It should provide at least a few good lessons.

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  3. The combined efforts of the two conferences will bring together a large number of people in this industry and find many interesting opportunities for further work.

  4. The conference program includes the most entertaining reports. The selected theses will clarify a number of pressing problems and possible solutions.

  5. Thank you for the announcement. The Annual conference is a great event and registration for it is now open. All issues we face should be discussed there.

  6. Is it still open, right? What can you tell us about how to join the joint GIW/ABACBS 2019 Annual Conference? Any ideas or suggestions, please?